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Protest song “In the Name of God” celebrates every act of women’s resistance in Iran

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

“In the Name of God” is an artistic act of solidarity with the women standing up against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Los Angeles, CA, March 2022 - Iranian-American artists Maia Moham and Sanaz have revealed that their protest song “In the Name of God” has reached over 100,000 people globally across all platforms. The single, which debuted on 27 January 2023, has reached thousands of people globally and marks a western cultural acknowledgement of the ongoing revolution in Iran following the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini.

Since its release, “In the Name of God” has resonated with audiences worldwide, and has organically reached over 100,000 people across social media and streaming platforms. The single has been picked up by Radio Hamrah, the largest Iranian radio station in Los Angeles, and repeatedly featured on leading Farsi-language news channel Iranian International.

“In the Name of God”, written in solidarity with the women of Iran, follows the story of Masha Amini. Amini, who was detained by Iranian “morality” police for her noncompliance with the nation’s Islamic dress code in September 2022, died while in custody and under suspicious circumstances. Her death has sparked global uproar, gaining the attention of numerous human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

Written and performed by two first-generation Iranian-American singers, Sanaz and Maia Moham, “In the Name of God” marks both artists’ expansion into artistic activism. The single highlights the atrocities happening abroad and calls on audiences to reflect on this issue, as well as what is happening domestically.

Maia Moham says of “In the Name of God”’s message, “What is happening in Iran is a revolution 44 years in the making, and people are rising up against the corruption of the government. This song doesn’t just talk about Mahsa Amini and the struggles women are fighting in Iran, but the restrictiveness emerging in the United States as well - with the overturning of Roe v. Wade and ongoing anti-LGBTQ legislation. We hope that our song calls on people to support one another and to fight for progress.”

“In the Name of God” has been submitted to NPR for its 2023 Tiny Desk Contest, the submission for that can be viewed here.

Stream “In the Name of God” here.

The full press kit for “In the Name of God” can be found here.

About Maia Moham

Maia Moham is an Iranian-American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2022, her song “Fighters” was featured in the Nike documentary Lucha, which was written in consideration of her parents and family members who immigrated to the US in the early seventies. Maia Moham’s music can be streamed on all platforms, with music to be released in 2023, and she’ll be performing at the third annual Exotic Fruits showcase later this year.

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About Sanaz

Originally from Iran, Sanaz is a singer-songwriter that immigrated to the US alongside her parents at the age of twelve. The artist has developed a unique sound as a songwriter that meets at the convergence of her distinct cultural upbringings, which culminated in the release of her debut single, "Road Traveled Less," in August of 2021. Since its release, Sanaz has written over a dozen more songs, with “Feel Your Heart,” set to be released in June 2023, alongside her debut music video.

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